My EOS App - EOS in Romania
Femeie care stă relaxată pe o canapea și își plătește datoriile în aplicația My EOS de pe iPad.


My EOS is the first mobile app in Romania dedicated to consumers with debts managed by EOS KSI Romania.

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Video MyEOS
Video MyEOS

We at EOS value time and understand that today's world is a digital one, where it is important to provide a communication channel accessible anywhere and anytime.

17 years of experience in the field of debt collection in Romania, as well as belonging to the International EOS Group, determined us to implement My EOS app, a product specially created for you, which gives you the independence you need and a high degree of accessibility, to check and manage your financial situation anytime and anywhere. Basically, the application gives you all the information you need in one place and the freedom to choose when to deal with your financial situation, without being limited to a certain time.

All you need is a smartphone or a device with internet access to:

  • find out quickly and in real time what is the amount of your debts and what is the status of the files we manage;
  • monitor the updated situation of the payments made by you but also the remaining difference to be paid;
  • proposes payment commitments;
  • pay online, at any time, without having to go out or use the barcode to pay our partners;
  • confirm the payments made;
  • receive useful information and personalized offers;
  • contact us at any time through messages, directly from the application or ask us to  contact you!

How to use My EOS app:

  1. after installation, you must create an account - enter a series of information and choose a password; 
  2. after registration, you will receive an email, through which you must confirm your account;
  3. we will associate with your account, after verifications, your financial statements that EOS manages.
*we value and protect your data, we are an authorized operator to process personal data registered with ANSPDCP under number 2585 and we have policies security in accordance with data protection policy - GDPR