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CEO Vladislav Hadjidinev in a blue suit and Katerina Bosevska Managing Director of EOS North Macedonia in a light blue blazer standing next to each other in a office with a red wall

Uni Banka cooperates with EOS in receivables management.

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Win-win: EOS North Macedonia is taking on Uni Banka’s receivables management in the long term. The collaboration doesn’t just benefit the two companies but also the country’s economy.
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Headshot of Stephan Ohlmeyer, member of the EOS Board, and Jan Ottenbreit, Head of Division Central Europe.

New EOS region Central Europe: “We’re creating openness to new goals”

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Better knowledge transfer and greater openness to new business areas are what EOS aims to achieve with the new Central Europe region.
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IFC representatives visited the EOS Group in Hamburg, celebrating the cooperation in the Polish market and solidifying the commitment to sustainable investments.

ESG criteria: EOS and IFC pursue sustainable portfolio acquisition

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In Poland and southeastern Europe, IFC (International Finance Corporation) and EOS apply strict ESG criteria covering social and environmental aspects when buying NPL portfolios.
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Illustration of woman in front of computer facing a robot

RPA: Improving quality with software robots at EOS

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“Programmed revolution”: The EOS Group is optimizing its digital receivables management with robotic process automation, freeing up staff for more complex and creative tasks.
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Cybersecurity expert Janusch Skubatz, Chief Information Security Officer of the EOS Group, with brown hair and white shirt

Not sure about generative AI? The balance between innovation and risk.

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Generative AI offers companies enormous potential. The Otto Group reduces these risks with its in-house ogGPT tool. The EOS Group also benefits from this.
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One illustration shows a robot or chatbot holding up various charts and texts, as well as several employees working on computers and asking the chatbot questions.

How generative AI is taking over routine tasks in the financial sector

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Already, generative AI can handle a lot of typical tasks in financial services companies. EOS is testing how chatbots can reduce employee workload even more and improve their efficiency.
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A survey reveals that AI potential is still not being exploited in the area of risk and finance

Survey reveals: AI potential not being exploited in risk and finance.

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A survey reveals that generative AI like ChatGPT offers companies potential applications in numerous areas. In the area of risk and finance, it also harbors untapped potential.
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A photo shows a dilapidated building in Režanci, Croatia. A ‘stranded asset’ that EOS Croatia is putting back on the market.

Stranded assets: EOS creates solutions for unusable real estate.

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The number of unusable properties is growing, partly as a result of increasing requirements for sustainability. EOS is developing new areas of expertise to bring stranded assets like these back onto the market.
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O fotografie de grup prezentând Bordul Director EOS (de la stânga la dreapta) Andreas Kropp (Germania), Justus Hecking-Veltman (Finanțe), Marwin Ramcke (președintele Bordului Director), Carsten Tidow (Europa de Est) și Dr. Andreas Witzig (Europa de Vest).

2022/23 fiscal year: The Board of the EOS Group takes stock.

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In this interview, the members of the Board of the EOS Group talk about the positive developments in fiscal 2022/23, employees, diversity, and the responsibility of debt collection companies.
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Cybersecurity is a top priority for EOS. To achieve this the company is setting up an international protective shield.

EOS Group relies on cutting-edge technology for data protection.

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Using cutting-edge technology, EOS protects the data of customers and consumers from attacks by criminals. The new cyber-shield “Iron EOS” makes this an even faster and more efficient process.
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A man and a woman having a relaxed-looking conversation, as a symbolic image of a corporate culture where employees have autonomy.

Empowerment: How EOS attracts and retains employees.

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Supporting and encouraging people ensures growth: EOS has created numerous programs that enable employees to grow both personally and professionally.
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O fotografie-portret îl prezintă pe Cristian Musat, director general la EOS International BVG, cel care a gândit proiectul Kollecto+.

Debt collection software: More efficiency thanks to standardized system.

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In the Kollecto+ collection system, all EOS companies pool their knowledge and experience, and in doing so improve the efficiency of the entire Group.
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 A graphic shows several people communicating with each other through email, conversations, and letters.

How EOS makes debt collection responsible and fair.

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EOS stands for fair and respectful receivables management. The debt collection company accomplishes this with technology that simplifies processes for consumers and with trained staff.
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Financial literacy: Learning at an early age about how to handle money properly can protect people from excessive debt later on.

Financial literacy: How EOS is committed to improving financial skills.

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A lack of financial education can accelerate the path to excessive personal debt, especially among young people. With its debt collection expertise, EOS supports financial literacy programs that aim to counter such developments.
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A photomontage shows a car traveling toward the sunset in the right lane of a paved road in an open, green landscape. The asphalt on the opposite lane is completely worn down.

International debt collection: EOS handles receivables management globally for Hertz.

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Cross-border receivables present both logistical and legal challenges. Car rental company Hertz relies on the expertise of EOS for its international debt collection.
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An illustration shows a man and a woman in business attire shaking hands. In the background is a globe with several locations pinned on it – and a stylized income statement.

International debt collection: How EOS processes receivables worldwide.

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EOS is active in 180 countries with its own companies or selected partners. Banks that regularly sell cross-border debts to EOS also profit from this network.
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An image illustrates the financial insecurity of women amid the crisis: A woman with a calculator looks at a bill and holds her head worriedly.

Study: Is money still ‘men’s business’?

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Who saves more, who makes decisions more confidently, and who has greater financial reserves? An EOS study reveals how differently men and women handle financial issues – and suggests possible reasons.
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Debt in Europe due to inflation: consumers having to tighten purse strings.

Study: One in five people is taking on debt as a result of inflation

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How have rising prices affected the financial situation of consumers? An EOS study reveals that many people have had to take on debt to compensate for inflation.
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Financial education for young people: Many young consumers feel financially insecure.

Survey reveals: Young people want more financial education.

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Do you think young people have no desire to deal with their own finances? As a recent survey shows, this is certainly not the case. The level of interest is great – as are their fears for the future.
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Sondajul EOS Privind practicile europene de plată: imaginea unui om înconjurat de semne de întrebare și un fulger ilustrează faptul că, în fața deteriorării practicilor de plată, companiile trebuie să găsească noi abordări în ceea ce privește gestionarea creanțelor.

EOS survey: Poor payment practices are putting European companies at risk

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Many European companies are concerned about their survival, as a growing number of consumers and business customers are paying outstanding invoices late or not at all.
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EOS in the UN Global Compact: At EOS, Alisha Kumar and Sibylle Weingart are responsible for issues of corporate responsibility.

EOS in the UN Global Compact: Taking CR to the next level.

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Joining the UN Global Compact is helping EOS to devise a strategy for its corporate social responsibility. How can the goals of the initiative be applied to your own business?
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Technology highlights of the EOS Group: overview of all trends.

From analytics to security tools: The tech highlights of the EOS Group.

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Year after year, EOS invests in new technological trends. Four examples show how EOS clients, and consumers, can now benefit from these technologies.
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EOS Annual Report 2021/22: Secured debt purchase at EOS

Interview: “The secured receivables market is all about relationships”

Flexible working timeFlexible working time 6 min.
EOS has greatly expanded its expertise in the processing of non-performing secured loans in recent years. Experts from two EOS countries share their experiences and provide insights into two very different markets.
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Aceasta este noua marcă EOS: Marwin Ramcke se prezintă pe sine și noul logo EOS.

The new EOS brand: Pioneering and more dynamic and digital.  

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In this interview, CEO Marwin Ramcke talks about the mindset behind the brand and what it means for the company’s business partners.
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Portrait photograph of Marwin Ramcke, Managing Director of the EOS Group and responsible for the Eastern Europe region

Interview with new EOS CEO Ramcke: “We are going to set new benchmarks.”

Flexible working timeFlexible working time 4 min.
Marwin Ramcke leads the EOS Group as new CEO. In this interview he reveals his plans for the future and discusses the challenges he sees managers facing today.
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Strategia CSR a Grupului EOS: Sediul EOS de pe Steindamm, din Hamburg

How debt collection can help create a sustainable world

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The EOS Group is resolutely pursuing its corporate responsibility agenda. But climate protection is not the only objective. The company’s CR strategy focuses above all on social and corporate engagement.
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Survey shows that one in four Romanians has incurred excessive debt since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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How many people have gone into debt during the pandemic, and how many have even incurred excessive debt? The Covid-19 Financial Report provides insights into the financial situation of consumers.
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Receivables purchasing: Matthias Schmidt, Head of Operational Debt Purchase at EOS Group, sits in front of a wall covered in post-its and other notes.

How portfolio valuation works in receivables purchasing

When selling receivables the aim is to get a purchase price that is as fair as possible. To guarantee this to the seller, a purchaser like EOS first of all has to get to know the portfolio. Before submitting an offer, the portfolio is thoroughly scrutinized.
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Two men throw a plastic globe to one another

EOS rolls out new debt collection software Kollecto+

Flexible working timeFlexible working time 4 min.
Kollecto+ is the centralized debt collection platform of the EOS Group. After years in development, the rollout has been completed by EOS in Croatia, the first of many countries to introduce the software. A progress report.
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Andreas Behmenburg, Regional Sales Manager for EOS in Germany, helps in cases of identity fraud with his colleagues alleged fraud victims.

Ensuring liquidity despite coronavirus: Why outsourcing debt collection is worthwhile at this point in time

According to Andreas Behmenburg, now is the time to arrange for professional receivables management. In this interview he explains how companies can find a reputable debt collection partner.
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Om de afaceri privind în altă parte: Încrederea digitală a consumatorilor este scăzută

EOS survey reveals that consumers have no digital trust

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Do you have digital trust? A recent EOS survey shows that only a minority of consumers believe that companies handle their personal data in a trustworthy way.
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Utilizator de smartphone în oraș mare: Datele au devenit bunuri economice esențiale.

Data as currency: EOS survey shows consumers are open to selling data

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Personal information for money? EOS survey shows that one in three Europeans is willing to sell data in return for attractive rewards.
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Raportul anual 2019/2020: Interviu cu Klaus Engberding, Director General EOS.

Klaus Engberding interview: “Our strategy is working.”

Flexible working timeFlexible working time 3 min.
The KPIs from the 2019/20 Annual Report show that EOS is performing very strongly. But what’s behind this success? In this interview, EOS CEO Klaus Engberding gives us a look behind the scenes.
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Raportul anual 2019/2020: Marwin Ramcke, Director pentru Europa de Est al Grupului EOS

EOS 2019/20 financial year: Record result in Eastern Europe

Flexible working timeFlexible working time 3 min.
With revenue up by over 30 percent, Eastern Europe is celebrating record gains. In several countries, EOS is gaining ground with substantial investments in secured and unsecured receivables.
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A young man with a headset smiles while on the phone.

Want to be rid of your debts? These people can show you how.

The call center agents at EOS have quite a record of helping people to pay their dues.
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Two men and a woman having a debate in front of their computer screens.

The rise of RegTechs: Can AI really make compliance less risky, boring and expensive?

A new breed of fintech firm is promising to make requirements like know-your-customer a breeze.
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A project team discusses the status of tasks that have been written on Post-its and stuck to the wall.

More than a buzzword: Why EOS is turning to Agile Software Development.

If you work in a rapidly changing market your business software needs to keep up with the pace – as do the people using it.
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tourist, ridge, descent, ice

Would you rather buy a house or see the world? How Millenials handle debt.

The Generation Y and the clichés about their handling of money. For what do millennials spend money wisely and where do they waste it.
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Portrait photograph of Marwin Ramcke, Managing Director of the EOS Group and responsible for the Eastern Europe region

Don't lose your nerves: What you need to know about buying debt in Central and Eastern Europe.

EOS Director Marwin Ramcke explains his success strategy for trading NPL in 2018.
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European Banking Authority (EBA) conference room

Collateralised NPL: These trends are shaping the market in 2018.

New regulations could attract more high quality investors und lead to rising trade volumes.
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Press releases

  • Profitul crește ca urmare a dezvoltării solide a afacerii în Europa de Est
  • Continuă trendul investițiilor mari în creanțe garantate și negarantate
  • Se intensifică ofensiva pe partea de digitalizare
Hamburg, Germania, 15 iulie 2020 – Prin urmărirea consecventă a poziționării sale strategice în domeniul investițiilor financiare și al colectării de debite cu ajutorul tehnologiilor moderne, Grupul EOS, cu sediul principal în Hamburg, a înregistrat o nouă creștere a cifrei de afaceri în exercițiul financiar 2019/2020. Cifra de afaceri a sporit cu 4,8%, atingând astfel suma de 853,1 milioane EUR și marcând un an deosebit de fructuos. Profitul înainte de dobânzi, impozite, depreciere și amortizare (EBITDA) a crescut la 343,4 milioane EUR.

Punctele forte regionale, ofensiva digitală și investițiile ridicate ca factori ai succesului

Creșterea profitului EOS, furnizor internațional de servicii financiare aparținând Grupului Otto, se datorează în special unui avans substanțial, de 31,3%, al cifrei de afaceri din Europa de Est. Alți factori care au contribuit în mod esențial la succes au fost măsurile puternice de digitalizare și dezvoltarea culturii organizaționale în cadrul Grupului EOS, precum și investițiile în creanțe garantate și negarantate și în imobiliare, situate la un nivel înalt constant, de 651,3 milioane EUR.

„Privesc cu mândrie la exercițiul financiar recent încheiat. Este cel mai mare succes din istoria Grupului EOS”, a declarat dl Klaus Engberding, Directorul General al companiei. „Aș dori să subliniez mai ales progresele considerabile din domeniul digitalizării, unde o sumă importantă, de 25 milioane EUR, a fost investită în extinderea și perfecționarea sistemelor noastre IT de bază, precum și accentul pus pe procesele de schimbare a culturii organizaționale. Utilizarea inteligenței artificiale și a unor sisteme avansate de analiză de date își va aduce contribuția la impulsionarea inovării în branșă. În special în perioadele marcate de nesiguranță, cum este această pandemie de coronavirus, procesele fiabile și de încredere, gestionarea profesionistă a creanțelor și finanțările sustenabile pentru agenții economici devin mai importante ca niciodată. Noi le putem oferi clienților noștri toate acestea și ne așteptăm la o evoluție pozitivă a afacerii și în anul care urmează.”

Principalii indicatori pe scurt:



Cifra de afaceri (mil. EUR)

din care

Europa de Vest
Europa de Est
America de Nord










Din motive de calcul, în tabele pot apărea diferențe în urma rotunjirii.

Alți indicatori importanți sunt disponibili în Raportul nostru anual online.


Germania rămâne cea mai importantă piață EOS

Pentru concernul EOS, regiunea cu cea mai mare cifră de afaceri rămâne Germania, cu o pondere de 35,6% din totalul încasărilor. Nivelul de 303,3 milioane EUR, în ușor regres față de anul precedent, se datorează în special vânzării EOS Health Honorarmanagement AG. În ciuda numărului mai mic de pachete semnificative de creanțe oferit pe competitiva piață germană, EOS s-a putut folosi de experiența sa îndelungată și de buna sa reputație pentru a obține portofolii reînnoibile decisive, confirmându-și astfel poziția de lider. Investițiile, în sumă totală de 236,0 milioane EUR, au depășit nivelul anului precedent, îndeosebi în domeniul creanțelor negarantate.

„Succesul din Germania se bazează mai ales pe excelența noastră operațională și pe eforturile intensive de vânzări depuse alături de clienții noștri. Coroborate cu numeroasele inițiative de digitalizare și cu excelenta noastră reputație - inclusiv în ceea ce privește protecția datelor - acestea ne transformă într-un partener atractiv și de încredere”, a declarat dl Andreas Kropp, membru în Comitetul Director al Grupului EOS și Director pentru Germania. „De aceea, și pentru a ne asigura viitorul, investim țintit în domeniile pe care le considerăm cele mai importante: angajați, cultură organizațională și tehnologie.”

Avansul consistent al cifrei de afaceri în Europa de Est a dus la rezultate record

În regiunea Europa de Est, EOS a înregistrat o cifră de afaceri record, de 266,7 milioane EUR - cu 63,6 milioane EUR mai mult decât în exercițiul financiar precedent. O pondere importantă în acest rezultat a avut-o creșterea consistentă a cifrei de afaceri din achiziții de creanțe, în special în Rusia și Polonia. Însă și în Croația, Ungaria, Serbia și Bulgaria cifrele de afaceri au progresat semnificativ. Acestor evoluții li s-au adăugat și alți factori de creștere importanți, cum ar fi extinderea programelor software de colectare „Kollecto +“ și, implicit, sporirea eficienței prelucrării creanțelor. În plus, și în exercițiul financiar recent încheiat, în Europa de Est, EOS a reușit să realizeze tranzacții importante în domeniul creditelor neperformante (NPL). Cele mai mari investiții NPL s-au efectuat în Polonia, Croația, Rusia și Ungaria. De asemenea, în Bulgaria s-au investit 350 milioane EUR într-un portofoliu NPL extins, aceasta reprezentând cea mai mare achiziție de creanțe garantate realizată până acum pe piața bulgară.

„Solida noastră expertiză locală, modul de abordare a restanțierilor, de la egal la egal, precum și colaborarea deschisă, onestă și adesea internațională cu clienții noștri dau roade“, explică dl Marwin Ramcke, membru în Comitetul Director al Grupului EOS și Director pentru Europa de Est. „Astfel am reușit să impulsionăm semnificativ colectarea de creanțe garantate și negarantate, precum și să partajăm cunoștințele și expertiza în cadrul Grupului. De asemenea, am realizat investiții substanțiale în portofolii de creanțe garantate în Slovenia și Serbia și suntem acum în măsură să prelucrăm în mod optim creanțe garantate și negarantate în toate țările Europei de Est”, a mai afirmat dl Ramcke.

Evoluții stabile ale afacerii în Europa de Vest

În Europa de Vest, evoluțiile foarte îmbucurătoare din Belgia, Franța și Austria au condus la o creștere a cifrei de afaceri cu 5%, depășind valoarea înregistrată în exercițiul financiar precedent. Societățile EOS regionale s-au impus din nou ca ofertant de top în domeniul achizițiilor de creanțe. În ciuda unei piețe dificile, s-a remarcat mai ales Franța, care a efectuat investiții sensibil mai mari atât în portofolii garantate cu ipoteci, cât și în portofolii negarantate. De asemenea, investițiile au crescut și în Belgia și Spania. De pildă, valoarea nominală a unui portofoliu de 47.000 de creanțe achiziționat în Belgia de EOS Aremas de la bpost bank se ridică la 36 milioane EUR.

„Grupul EOS este foarte bine poziționat în Europa de Vest. Datorită expertizei noastre și experienței îndelungate de care dispunem, în special în domeniul bancar și în cel al telecomunicațiilor, suntem partenerul strategic preferat al clienților noștri”, explică Dr. Andreas Witzig, membru în Comitetul Director al Grupului EOS și Director pentru Europa de Vest și America de Nord. „Investim masiv în Big Data și în analiza de date și ajutăm la soluționarea problemelor legate de creditele neperformante (NPL). În ciuda crizei generate de coronavirus, care a afectat foarte puternic în special Franța și Spania, rămânem un partener strategic preferat și de încredere în domeniul colectării fiduciare de debite și al achizițiilor de creanțe”, confirmă dl Witzig.

Investiții în creștere în America de Nord

Cu un plus de 2,6 milioane EUR la cifra de afaceri, regiunea America de Nord a înregistrat o creștere de 5%, depășind ușor nivelul anului precedent. În SUA a dat rezultate concentrarea strategică pe domeniul achizițiilor de creanțe, în care EOS a investit un total de 28,8 milioane EUR, adică circa 4 milioane EUR mai mult decât în anul precedent. În Canada, cifra de afaceri s-a situat sensibil peste cea înregistrată în exercițiul financiar 2018/2019, depășind cu mult valorile prognozate. S-a amplificat mai ales accentul pus pe operațiunile de natură fiduciară.

„Pentru Grupul EOS, piața nord-americană nu este un mediu tocmai comod, însă Canada evoluează foarte îmbucurător“, observă Dr. Andreas Witzig, membru în Comitetul Director al Grupului EOS și Director pentru Europa de Vest și America de Nord. „Acolo am reușit, în ultimii ani, să devenim lider de piață în domeniul colectării fiduciare de debite și să depășim semnificativ așteptările referitoare la cifra de afaceri și la profitul pentru 2019/2020. Împreună cu echipa noastră canadiană, suntem foarte mândri de aceste rezultate. În SUA, investițiile crescânde în achiziții de creanțe indică un trend pozitiv. Dorim să continuăm această orientare și în exercițiul financiar actual”, mai adaugă dl Witzig.



Despre Grupul EOS

Grupul EOS este unul dintre liderii domeniului de investiții financiare bazate pe tehnologie și expert în prelucrarea creanțelor neîncasate. Obiectul principal de activitate îl constituie achiziția de portofolii de creanțe garantate și negarantate. Cu o experiență de peste 40 de ani și filiale în 26 de țări, EOS oferă celor aproximativ 20.000 de clienți ai săi din întreaga lume servicii inteligente de management al creanțelor. Principalele sectoare-țintă le reprezintă băncile, companiile de utilități, sectorul imobiliar și comerțul electronic. EOS are peste 7.500 de angajați și aparține Grupului Otto.

Informații suplimentare privind Grupul EOS:

  • New highs in revenue and EBITDA
  • Strong investment in debt purchases: another step towards becoming a global financial investor
  • “We will greatly expand our real estate-secured business, besides unsecured debt purchasing.”

Hamburg, Germany; July 16, 2019 – EOS Group, with headquarters in Hamburg, increased its revenue in financial 2018/19 by 2.3 percent to EUR 813.7 million. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) grew to EUR 283.6 million. Thus, the international provider of customized financial services, which belongs to Otto Group, chalked up a new record in both key performance indicators. One of the main reasons for the positive development was the high investment in the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios: EOS invested EUR 668 million in receivables and real estate in the last financial year and is evolving more and more into a global financial investor.

EOS EBITA development until 2018/19

High investment in debt purchases continues unabated

“I am happy about the extremely satisfactory financial year,” says Klaus Engberding, Chairman of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors. “Both for revenue and for profit, we once again achieved an outstanding level. Despite the financial year harmonization in the previous year*, we were able to increase the revenue of EOS Group. This is a clear sign of our sustainable business growth,” states Engberding. “We will greatly expand our real estate-secured business, besides unsecured debt purchasing. With our data-driven technologies, we can optimally assess and process receivables – the perfect basis for continuing to invest strongly in worldwide debt purchases.”

*In the 2017–2018 reporting period around 30 EOS companies were included with 14 instead of 12 months in the consolidated year-end financial statements.

EOS Group comprises more than 60 companies in 26 countries and employs more than 7,500 people. Via a partner network, EOS offers smart services to its around 20,000 customers in 180 countries around the world.

EOS Consolidated revenue by region 2018/19

Germany remains most important EOS market

With a share of around 42 percent of consolidated revenue, Germany remains the strongest market in EOS Group in terms of revenue. In financial 2018/19 sales revenue there rose to EUR 341.1 million. “Despite the aggressive price competition, we were able to not only increase our investments in debt purchases by around a quarter but also expand our fiduciary business by 18 percent,” explains Andreas Kropp, Member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors and responsible for the German market. “We also stepped up investments in real estate-secured receivables and real estate to be restructured. Our inventory of commercial real estate nearly doubled.”

Eastern Europe with an increase in secured receivables

In Eastern Europe, EOS is enjoying all-time highs: “We are very proud of our result in Eastern Europe for the last financial year,” says Marwin Ramcke, Member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors and responsible for this region. “At 203.2 million euros, revenue exceeds that of the previous year by more than ten percent. Earnings before tax are also much higher than in last reporting period.” For both KPIs, EOS reached the highest level ever in this region. “We were able to increase our investment volume in bad debt portfolios again. Especially in Poland and Croatia, but also in Russia and Slovakia, the level from the previous year was clearly surpassed,” comments Ramcke. Investment in secured receivables in particular was expanded; EOS is now active in this field in nine Eastern European countries. Ramcke: “We continue to see excellent growth opportunities in this segment and plan on expanding the business segment to all our Eastern European locations in the future.” 

Growth in Western Europe and North America

Adjusted for a one-time effect, the revenue of EOS for West Europe showed an increase. “One of the reasons for our positive development in this region was stronger investments in debt purchases,” comments Andreas Witzig, Member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors and responsible for the regions of Western Europe and North America. “Thus, for example, we were able to acquire a portfolio from mortgage lender Crédit Immobilier de France with a nominal value of EUR 125 million. Also in Austria and Switzerland, we were clearly above and in Belgium slightly above the planned volume with our investments in debt portfolios.” In the region of North America, EOS was able to post an increase in revenue of a good 10 percent.

About EOS Group

The EOS Group is one of the leading international providers of customized financial services. As a specialist in the evaluation and processing of receivables EOS deploys new technologies to offer its some 20,000 customers in 26 countries financial security through smart services. The company's core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios. Working within an international network of partner companies, the EOS Group has a workforce of around 7,500 and more than 60 subsidiaries, so it can access resources in more than 180 countries. Its key target sectors are banking, utilities, real estate and e-commerce. EOS is part of Otto Group.

Outstanding performance confirmed. For the 14th time in succession, EOS Holding has once again been given an ‘A’ rating by credit rating agency Euler Hermes Rating, providing renewed confirmation that the debt collection specialist enjoys a good credit standing.

The auditors emphasized the company's market leadership in Germany and its strong market position in Western and Eastern Europe. The rating was also the result of the company's longstanding experience in processing non-performing receivables and in receivables purchasing. 

“In the last financial year we have invested EUR 0.5 billion in receivables,” says Justus Hecking-Veltman, Member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors and CFO. This shows how important this business segment continues to be for the EOS Group. “The acquisition of secured debt portfolios in particular is an attractive growth market for us,” explains Hecking-Veltman. This is also evident from the auditors' report, because this year Euler Hermes Rating specifically praised the company's ongoing expansion of expertise in real estate evaluation, development and realization. “We are now active in this business segment in eleven European countries and plan to expand into others.”

As a result, the auditors attested that EOS represents a low financial risk due to its very stable cash flow situation and continually high and consistent earnings level.

The EOS Group

The EOS Group is one of the leading international providers of customised financial services. Its main focus is on receivables management. With more than 8,500 employees and 50 subsidiaries, EOS offers around 20,000 clients, in more than 25 countries around the world, financial security with tailored services. Being connected to an international network of partner companies, the EOS Group has access to resources in 150 countries on every continent. The key target sectors are banking, insurance, utilities, and telecommunications, along with the public sector including local public transport, the healthcare and real estate sectors as well as mail order trade and e-commerce.
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EOS KSI Romania
EOS KSI Romania was founded in 2002 and since 2005 is part of EOS Holding GmbH, benefiting from the advantages of an international network, as well as a strong financial background of the parent company. With 14 regional offices across the country and more than 550 employees, EOS KSI is one of the leaders in the debt collection market in Romania, providing its clients with high quality receivables management services.

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AMCC (Debt Collection Association in Romania) has chosen its Administrative Board. Georg Kovacs has been chosen for the fourth time in a row President of AMCC.

Bucharest - 14 March 2018 For the 4th time in a row, Georg Kovacs was elected by majority vote President of AMCC (Debt Collection Association in Romania)

Since 2002 Georg Kovacs is Managing Director of EOS KSI Romania and since 2012 he holds the position of AMCC President. According to the AMCC Statute, the President’s mandate lasts two years, until 2020, when new elections will be held.

EOS KSI Romania is founding member of AMCC, association founded in 2007, which currently brings together 17 members. AMCC is a full member of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations), supreme regulator of the debt collection profession at European level.

AMCC represents its members at national and international level, it promotes the concept of credit services management and supports it in the national legislation. The main purpose of AMCC is to regulate the profession and to set professional ethical principles to be followed by debt collection companies in relation to retail and corporate debtors.

This was our financial year 2022/23.

Fiscal 2022/23 was characterized by uncertainty. Learn here how the EOS Group nevertheless managed to achieve a positive result. In our Annual and Sustainability Report, you’ll find all our KPIs and business highlights and learn what the EOS Group is doing to meet its ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsibilities.
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Knowing what moves the economy and society: That is our claim for the market and consumer studies of EOS. Our studies, which we produce together with renowned market research institutes, offer exciting facts about customer payment behavior, payment methods, digitalization and the benefits of data.
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