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Technology highlights of the EOS Group: overview of all trends.

From analytics to security tools: The tech highlights of the EOS Group.

Year after year, EOS invests in new technological trends. Four examples show how EOS clients, and consumers, can now benefit from these technologies.
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EOS Annual Report 2021/22: Secured debt purchase at EOS

Interview: “The secured receivables market is all about relationships”

EOS has greatly expanded its expertise in the processing of non-performing secured loans in recent years. Experts from two EOS countries share their experiences and provide insights into two very different markets.
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Portrait photograph of Marwin Ramcke, Managing Director of the EOS Group and responsible for the Eastern Europe region

Interview with new EOS CEO Ramcke: “We are going to set new benchmarks.”

Marwin Ramcke leads the EOS Group as new CEO. In this interview he reveals his plans for the future and discusses the challenges he sees managers facing today.
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Strategia CSR a Grupului EOS: Sediul EOS de pe Steindamm, din Hamburg

How debt collection can help create a sustainable world

The EOS Group is resolutely pursuing its corporate responsibility agenda. But climate protection is not the only objective. The company’s CR strategy focuses above all on social and corporate engagement.
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Survey shows that one in four Romanians has incurred excessive debt since the outbreak of the pandemic.

How many people have gone into debt during the pandemic, and how many have even incurred excessive debt? The Covid-19 Financial Report provides insights into the financial situation of consumers.
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Client Onboarding at EOS: EOS staff plan the next steps.

Step by step: Client onboarding at EOS.

At EOS, new customers benefit from a clearly structured and transparent client onboarding process that connects them easily to our processes and systems.
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Receivables purchasing: Matthias Schmidt, Head of Operational Debt Purchase at EOS Group, sits in front of a wall covered in post-its and other notes.

How portfolio valuation works in receivables purchasing

When selling receivables the aim is to get a purchase price that is as fair as possible. To guarantee this to the seller, a purchaser like EOS first of all has to get to know the portfolio. Before submitting an offer, the portfolio is thoroughly scrutinized.
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Two men throw a plastic globe to one another

EOS rolls out new debt collection software Kollecto+

Kollecto+ is the centralized debt collection platform of the EOS Group. After years in development, the rollout has been completed by EOS in Croatia, the first of many countries to introduce the software. A progress report.
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Andreas Behmenburg, Regional Sales Manager at EOS Germany, draws a pie chart on a glass panel

Ensuring liquidity despite coronavirus: Why outsourcing debt collection is worthwhile at this point in time

According to Andreas Behmenburg, now is the time to arrange for professional receivables management. In this interview he explains how companies can find a reputable debt collection partner.
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